For as long as I can remember, I was always drawing and creating interesting pictures and through that process I found graphic design. Since that time it has become not only my chosen profession but something I truly love.

I am a very bold and colorful designer. I like to utilize big, clean type while incorporating bright and vibrant colors that will catch and hold the viewers attention. When I feel the project calls for it, I utilize my illustrating skills to give the piece a unique and hand-made feel. My main focus is just creating unique and interesting designs that people enjoy viewing.

The Art Institute of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA
Bachelor of Science Degree in Graphic Design

Adobe Creative Suite
Microsoft Office
Corel Draw
Corel Painter
Wacom Cintiq/Tablet
HTML & CSS Prototyping
UX/UI Design
Google Adwords
Nikon/Canon SLR Camera Systems
Cross-Platform Capabilities